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Who We Are

Our store opened its doors on March 10, 2020. Also known as Mario Day in honor of a great hero. We specialize in retro games and consoles while staying up to date on the newest games too. You can find anything from Atari to Xbox in our shop.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our small business! It is our hope that we can keep providing fun to everyone for many years to come!

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Meet The Owner

"My name is Manny and games are my passion!"

After figuring out how to fix his own Nintendo, Manny began taking consoles apart and restoring them for fun. Eventually, word caught on and soon his friends and family were having him restore their own consoles and games as well.

Throwback Gamez was envisioned in 2016 when Manny finally decided to turn his passion for retro games from a hobby into a business. After 4 years of obtaining the most unique, rare, and eclectic collection, the brick-and-mortar store of his dreams is now a reality.

Manny's knowledge and passion for gaming enable him to provide exceptional service to his customers.

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